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I like to do a full load in my washing machine, but how do I ensure it’s not overloaded?

Check the manufacturers instructions to see what the capacity your machine is. Front loading machines vary from 5kg to 8kg so always double check if unsure. keep a list of the average weight of garments you would usually include in the wash so you can roughly calculate the overall weight; double duvet cover, 1000-1500g; double sheet, 700-1000g; bath towel, 700-1000g; jeans, 700g; tea towel, 100g. If in doubt pop your empty laundry basket on the weighing scales and then put the load in the basket. Subtract the original weight of the empty basket to find the total load weight.

How can I tell if I have bed bugs and how can I get rid of them?

They are becoming more common according to Rentokil. Spot them by looking for small blood spots on bed sheets and cast skins. Bed bugs will also leave a sickly, sweet smell which can be quite obvious. They are easily transported in bags and suitcases, on clothes and second hand furniture and don’t just live in mattresses, they can also love in electrical fittings, under skirting boards and carpets. They are very difficult to remove so you would need help from a professional pest controller.

Alternative Methods of Cleaning

  • Using Soda Crystals; an easy way to avoid blockages and to keep your toilet smelling fresh is to pour down soda crystals and leave overnight.
  • White vinegar is also effective at removing lime scale build-up around the bowl.
  • Another must-do job for the bathroom is to eliminate grubby grout – spray liquid soda crystals and leave to soak for half an hour.
  • For a really stubborn build-up, make a paste of white vinegar and borax, and apply to the affected areas before rinsing clean with warm water.
  • Use a little diluted Zoflora scented disinfectant to wipe the radiators. When the heating comes on the flowery aroma will fill the room

How to…
Organise your Utility Cupboard…There’s never much space under a kitchen sink and products left at the back can be easily forgotten; here’s a few staples for you to keep under your sink:

*Supply of cleaning cloths, different colours for kitchen and bathroom * Dish cloths or a brush * Microfibre dusters * Scourers * Rubber gloves * All purpose liquid cleaner * Abrasive cream or powder cleaner, or bicarbonate of soda mixed with bleach * Disinfectant for bathroom and kitchen cleaning * Household bleach * Washing-up liquid * Oven cleaner and dust mask * Soda crystals for clearing plug holes, pipes and washing machines unblocked * Old toothbrushes for scrubbing hard to reach awkward places and grout * White vinegar for de-scaling and cleaning windows * Bin Liners * Stain remover for carpet and upholstery * Multi-purpose stain remover for clothes * Washing detergents for whites and colours * Fabric conditioner

Keep a set of day-to-day products in a trug with a handle at the front of the cupboard so that you can easily grab it and carry it from room to room with you

Clear up after entertaining

  • It may be freezing outside but even by throwing open a window for 30 minutes can banish stale smells. Add a few drops of lemon, orange or lavender essential oil to a bowl of boiling water and leave to get work deodorising, while you get on with the cleaning.
  • Sprinkle carpets liberally with bicarbonate of soda and leave to absorb bad smells while you get on with the washing up.
  • After an hour or so start vacuuming up the bicarbonate of soda for freshened carpets. If you’ve noticed a cigarette burn in carpet and its not too deep then carefully trim it off with a pair of nail scissors.
  • If it is deep, its possible it can be fixed by a professional rather than replaced.If you notice a stain, but can’t find the stain remover, try dabbing a little neat gin or vodka into the stain. Do always test in an inconspicuous area first.

Get rid of
Lime scale can be a problem wherever water is used in your home and allowed to build up. The easiest way to help prevent it is to dry areas with a towel after use… here’s how to tackle some common problem areas:

  • Kettles; white vinegar is a common descaler, and can be left, mixed equally with water overnight in your kettle. Empty and boil with fresh water in the morning. Unless you have a kettle with an aluminum interior, another way of descaling is to boil with a solution of water and soda crystals, and a raw potato.
  • Taps; soak a cloth in lemon juice or white vinegar and leave it wrapped around taps for about half an hour to break down lime scale, however, this is not suitable for gold plated taps and should not be left for too long on any taps

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